The Edge of Love and Other Stories

As soon as I saw the trailer for the 2008 WWII era movie The Edge of Love starring Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, I recognized this cardigan! It seems to be an almost identical match; This movie has been all over the fashion pages in many magazines for its amazing period styling…  And I have to say, it was quite a good film, too!

The set is called “Playmates“, and get this – it comes with a hood, cap and mitten pattern. The cable pattern makes it a bit different from the movie cardigan – instead of the leaf motif, it has more of a wishbone style cable which is really unique, but the placement and the overall effect is the same – what can I say, I simply adore this entire outfit!

The whole movie had just a fabulous feel to it, the costumes ranging from delightfully shabby-chic casual to full-on vintage glamor.


Over the last couple of years, I have sold dozens of copies of the Playmates pattern – and even received some photos of the finished product;  Check out what the fabulously stylish vintage vixen Solanah did with it – she made a couple of modifications to fit her amazing frame – like shortening it and skipping out on the embroidery.

Now, I have to digress for a moment, because I cannot mention Solanah and not mention her fabulous wedding story;  Apparently she scored a mint condition vintage 1940s lace wedding dress, complete with a matching veil and armlets for 75 cents!  Not only that, but the dress fit like a glove.  You can read the full article and the story of the 75 cent dress on the Rock n’ Roll Bride website, but here is a sneak peak at the photos for your enjoyment:

BTW, Solanah knit her sweater in Maple Syrup worsted 100% Peruvian wool. You can read her original blog post on her fabulous and highly recommended Vintage Vixen blog!

The complete Playmates pattern is available here.

Look out for a complete story on The Edge of Love and matching patterns from our Vintage Pattern Shop! Not to be missed…

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